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amongstclouds wrote

I read and like to watch the pine needles sway in the wind. I also smoke copious amounts of combustible plant matter. ;)


dele_ted wrote

Lately it's been mostly developing Konsent and reading (finally got a physical copy of Bolo'Bolo). Generally, i feel that my life is pretty lacking of fun, as in laughing and doing fun stuff.


Dumai wrote

binging let's play and drinking

and making out


selver wrote

Video games. Getting baked & watching weird movies. Play some squash.


ziq wrote

Everything. Even the most tedious chore is fun when you have a healthy imagination.


drh1138 wrote

Computer games, and I have a weekly Pathfinder game with some housemates in my co-op for which I GM.


Infinity wrote (edited )

I like to eat fruit and walk and learn about astrology and talk to people about vulnerable topics. I like to be in the nature and I like to watch Star trek. I like to shop at REI. If I we're rich I would spend all my money at that store. I know I'm feeding the devil with these consumerist ego driven thoughts. I'm just notthere yet.. :-o


indi wrote

*considers answering... notes that topic is not in f/FreakyPorn... decides against*


therealmidnite wrote

I create "look and feel" styleguides for videogames that will never be produced. Right now, I'm busy with XCOM seen from an anarchist perspective.


indi wrote

Shut up and take my money.

Seriously though, that actually sounds like an awesome idea. I'd be curious to see if it's actually implementable.


therealmidnite wrote

It does, doesn't it? Unfortunately, getting a development group together isn't my area of expertise at all (apart from the fact that this requires both knowing a lot of people with skills and/or having a bit of funding available, and I can check neither of those boxes).


ladyanarchist wrote (edited )

Photographing people, cooking dishes I've never tried, getting lost on purpose, playing with my child at the beach, smoking with friends around a campfire, and of course, video games.


Tux18 wrote

Video games mostly. Used to listen to music there for awhile but then I got burnt out.


Bird wrote

Playing videogames, working on my hobbies, hanging out with friends and family and the like.



xxi wrote

Boring answer: it depends.

Under optimal conditions: I find something that really interest me, become obsessive about it to the point of it being diagnosed as a disorder and either it was a pretty good memorable, more or less one-off, period or it becomes a part of my life.

Latent interests, burst out and cools off: Tolkien, Gaming, learning stuff connected to specific needs, i.e. writing shell scripts and the like, read about veganism (or about thirty other -ism:s), miscellaneous.

Common behaviors meant to bring me joy and that I try to do even when I feel lethargic: reading, playing/writing/listen to music, "computer stuff", writing, watching lectures, talks, documentaries...


alqm wrote (edited )

I do distrohopping, testing all kinds of Linux distros and reporting bugs for them. Such fun. wow...

and I play with my adorable poodle doge named "Little Fairy" (in portuguese "Fadinha").

Mr. Robot: hacking him was easy. Who uses "fadinha123", "littlefairy101" and "anarchofairy!@#" as passwords? lololol