Do you have a partner who is more or less radical than you? How do you work through your differences?

Submitted by snuggus in AskRaddle

My spouse is much less radical than I: supports cops ("there are some good ones") and doesn't like it if antifa punches first or doxes anyone ("we must change hearts and minds!"). We agree on most other things, however.

How about you, raddle? Are/were you the more "extreme" partner in your relationship? How do you handle it?



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Infinity wrote

They are more radical. We teach each other and learn from each other continuously fine-tuning our views of the world. Perhaps we are most radical in opposite sides of the spectrum. Radical spiritual and radical political creating an entirely new entity.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I'm definitely the most extreme out of us. We strike a good balance of passion and restraint between the three.


ziq wrote

She's more radical in spiritual, intangible and self-deconstructing ways, while I'm more radical in political terms.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Generally we balance out to being about the same, or they're more radical than me.

Usually this just means I get to learn radical things faster.


Jessica wrote

Much less radical. Works too much to study these complicated things. I hang out with my partner when I don't want to think about radical stuff. Good for a break


[deleted] wrote


Jessica wrote

Yes but I think I've always been a radical, but it's been cranked to 11 ever since Trump got elected. Say what you want about that imbecile, but he really breathes life into political discussions.


RosaReborn wrote

My partner is Socdem borderline Socialist. They hate capitalism and government (although I'm not sure if they've completely abandoned the democrats yet) and I have been trying to get them to approach things from a more philosophical perceptive i.e. why have a government at all, abolish power structures etc.

We'll see how that goes


DissidentRage wrote

My partner is less radical and tries to "stay out of politics" because she has too many things going on. I think she agrees with some of my fundamental beliefs but she has a big problem with me shit-talking cops because there are cops in the family. Her family is largely pretty reactionary and quite fond of confederate paraphernalia, and gives her grief about her child becoming radicalized and not blindly agreeing to their lost cause bullshit. I point out that it's in the kid's best interests not to fall in line with reactionaries, being genderfluid and attracted to the same sex, which makes her a prime target for a lot of their worst beliefs. They may be family, but if push comes to shove, they would still gladly support someone who would probably kill the child. But because they're my partner's family, my perspective is always dismissed as rude.


ladyanarchist wrote

I have a sneaking suspicion that my partner is more radical than me but lets me come to my own conclusions in my own time. I was a liberal when we started dating so long ago and while I've undergone transformation, he has always remained the same in his perspectives but never pressuring and ever gentile in his approach. I love him for it and here I am.


bromeo wrote (edited )

i wouldn't quantify radicality like that but i think there is a potential between our differences to nurture our commonalities.

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