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ziq wrote (edited )

A reddit user kept spreading lies about raddle (and me). Said the site is a honeypot and told people to instead go to his empty reddit sub; where he spent all day posting news stories.

So I took his username on raddle and reposted all his links here everyday for about a month. Meaning he was essentially providing tons of content to make raddle better. Drove him up the wall.


leftous wrote

This is a /thread if I've ever seen one. That is pro-level trolling.


zorblax wrote

vigorously agree with them, then say something even more off-the-wall and stupid.


leftous wrote

I've used this tactic on occasion. It's a great way to highlight the absurdity in their line of thinking, by taking it to the logical extremes.

There are many troll-types where I live that think regulating if muslim women can wear hijabs or not is a high priority political issue. So I replied with a "fashion officer" troll, judging and suggesting punishments for their and everyone else's fashion choices, to highlight that essentially their politics boiled down to fashion policing. A few of them got the hint.


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

Derail, derail, derail. They're already trying to do it so I'm gonna do it ten times more.

I also like the approach of being very patient with trolls, then after they say some questionable and usually threatening speech I'll tell them to 'go fuck themselves' and watch as they try to take advantage of my foul language. They always seem to want to justify their threat of violence because I used a silly little expletive (literally always 'go fuck yourself') against them. I then agree with them completely, thank them for educating me and block them.

I may or may not unblock them within a week as to do it again when they start going on and on again about trash.


amongstclouds wrote

You can also point out all of their logical fallacies and then when they try to do so in return laugh at them for trying to use logical fallacies to justify their garbage. :p