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mofongo wrote

The only thing I that gives me purpose is caring for others, mostly animals, mostly my own pets but I don't have any at the moment. So I care for my family instead, some of then at least. Not as best as I could either. Fuck, this is making me depressed.

Other answer, I try not to think much about it. Always helps. But I go through the day on nothing but rage.


leftous wrote

Connections with people. That genuine feeling of vibing with someone.

Challenging, educating and learning from others. That 'aha' feeling when you feel you finally understand someone's perspective.

Recognizing the beauty and relentlessness of humanity. This gives me the most hope.


DaisyDisaster wrote

Observing beauty is enough of a purpose for me. The sounds of birds singing as the sun rises, a good song, the feeling of love and friendship, ect. I didn't really feel this way until my depression and anxiety were treated, however. I was struggling to survive and didn't really have the time to just enjoy things.


ConquestOfToast wrote

It's going to sound kinda weird. But I want to live forever. Have ever since I was a child. It's the only thing that keeps me going that I might one day free myself and my comrades from the biological time constraint. I've dedicated my life to it. School, reading, politics, are all centered on this one singular goal. It's frankly an obsession, one I haven't been able to shake. It consumes me. But it's also the only thing that has brought me back from suicide and apathy. It may not be the best goal but it keeps me active and involved the lives of people I love and cherish.


dele_ted wrote

Sounds dry and boring, but programming, reading/writing and music does it for me. That's what I'm passionate about, and it's never failed to keep me going.

I also have smaller hobbies on the side, such as cybersecurity and lockpicking. I suppose it's a sort of distraction, but it works wonderfully.


not_AFX_lol wrote

What gets me through most days is the knowledge that I can go home and just chill afterward.

so if they take that from me then I am going to be pretty fucking pissed