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not_AFX_lol wrote



dele_ted wrote

Seriously. Get a classical instrument, one that fits your personality. For me that's a viola or cello. I used to play the violin, which led me to the cello, and i fucking love that instrument. I think a lot of people would find so much love and passion in playing classical instruments, if only they had the time to dedicate themselves, and the creative energy needed for learning and enjoying it. Sadly, the few hours that you don't have to work under capitalism is spent cooling off and recovering for most of us. Not much room left for stuff like this.


DaisyDisaster wrote

I don't have one passion but many interests I like to flit to and from. Various sciences, music, occultism, and philosophy, mostly.


Dumai wrote

what kind of occultism are you into? i used to really like chaos magic way back when


DaisyDisaster wrote

Right now I'm doing a "magick school" curriculum called Quareia. I'm just beginning, so I don't know what overall structure it fits into yet.

Before that I was into witchcraft and chaos magick.


bea wrote

Develop or contribute to Free Software.


ziq wrote

I'd build anarchist communes in remote places.


dele_ted wrote (edited )

I think a lot of people will start working again after a year or two of recovering. Work holds a very different value outside of capitalism, which is one of the biggest reasons why doing away with labour-for-money is so important.

I personally would start playing the cello much more. I love my cello, but i don't have the time to play and get truly good at it. I'm kind of stuck in mediocrity, because i don't have the time nor the energy needed to get better than that. I'd also spend some time on programming and writing, but i do that already in my free time.


christobal wrote

Music and landscape restoration or something.


leftous wrote

Be one of those people who call themselves a "Truth seeker".

Also developing free, decentralized, and democratizing technologies.


culprit wrote

renewable energy and distribution, basically how to create a decentralized free-access energy system

art and music making

cross cultural study




TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

gardening and cooking

I'm particularly interested in hydroponics and experimental vegan cuisine from scratch


Infinity wrote (edited )

Astrology, Therapy, Counseling, Building little mud homes submerged in the earth, living in fruitopia, growing peyote, doing full-time witchy stuff, and occasional backpacking trips around the world barefoot, and making ceramic pots and cups.

Helping people with trauma and healing with my hands and my heart.