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kore wrote (edited )

  • a free-to-use community workshop with various machinery would probably be first on my list after basic needs are met. machines and materials could be sourced from all the extra shit produced by capitalism (there are so many cars... think of all that metal)

  • an art space with freely available supplies, and a community music room with a bunch of different instruments available would also be up there.

  • Also, so many books. Having everyone put all the books they have into a community reading room would be amazing.

Basically I want things for people to play with. After making sure everyone has a home and the community garden is productive.

EDIT: also a community kitchen/dining room would be sweet


fjones wrote

Nice! Renewable energy, eco-village, rhizomatic design, humanure toilets, lots of green space, permaculture low-labor gardening, on-site specific building materials, conscious attempts not to use PVC - oil based materials whenever possible, in the north: saunas & the latest catalysts for emissions removal from heat sources, space for gathering, council bluffs, lots of play space, co-operative day care, heliport for copters built at workshops above, helicopter school, helicopter removal of plastics from ocean and support given to protest blocs, major contributions to reef health and de-acidification !!!