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not_AFX_lol wrote (edited )

Alphas and betas are all a complete crock of shit. That crap literally doesn't exist.


Random_Revolutionary wrote

See contrapoint's video on alpha males.

Alpha and beta doesn't even exist in wolves naturally so the concept doesn't even mean Anything.

Anyways I'm vegan, interested in open relationships and do not seek to breed so I guess l'm a "beta cuck" by nature lol.


Dumai wrote

i've not seen that video but i hope it included the fact that the man who coined that term has spent his entire career from 1999 trying to convince everyone he was wrong


ziq wrote

You guys sure spend a lot of time thinking about this noise. Almost like you're insecure about your masculinity...


selver wrote (edited )

It's capitalism exploiting patriarchy's creation. That shit existed pre-capitalism.

And yeah all that shit is based on insecurity, stubbornness, and a refusal to acknowledge other people's feelings.


EricMSimendinger wrote (edited )

It's a warning. If you need a team to survive, you won't.
Beta-Alpha complexes always fail.
Be a Hero or Mercenary.