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ziq wrote

All power corrupts.


EricMSimendinger wrote

Xx attracts Xy.
Power attracts Corruption because corruption produces power.
But so does love.
Love is a form of corruption because life will sacrifice itself in it's name.
So to produce love corruption, not evil corruption, create powers of love in your life, not powers of evil.
Get rid of that ideas government is evil, and create the notion that government is making happy mistakes.
i fought bluebeam, i know its true, but its not from government, its from concentrated chakra from years of abuse, millions of spirits screaming fuck you.
My evidence i speak truth:
Goodluck Fox.
At bluebeam you are challenger level with TPTB.


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

That all ideology is ultimately a poison that will eventually become morphed into something other than it's original intent and weaponized either against outside forces or possibly also directed inward.


obligatory_pan wrote (edited )

The weaponization of ideology part was very well put

I think the best example of this is the way that capitalists adopt leftist language, imagery, and labels in a clever way to curb resistance (ex. the label "socialism" being adopted by liberals and its subsequent reduction to what amounts to "friendly" capitalism).

I also liked how you stated ideology can be weaponized inward, I've got a rant ready if anyone wants to bear it.


leftous wrote

Elevating yourself above others does not secure your freedom or serve to benefit you in any meaningful way.


Jessica wrote

No single person has ever or can have access to the truth. All conscious entities are fallible. Therefore there is no correct ideology.

However this does not mean that all ideologies or theories are equal. Many beliefs are better than others because of their results, rather than their truths.