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Cheeks wrote (edited )

Eating snow peas fresh snapped off the vine or baby carrots pulled from the ground a month early.

The moment me and a girl realize we're into each other but both to afraid to act on it.

The loud distortion of a root 5th 9th chord being struck by a les Paul through a tube amp set at 11!

The taste of water in the midst of a hot summer day after pushing your body close to its limits.

When my mother calls, and she is happy. When my sister calls, and she is happy.

Celebratory beers with friends after acomplishing anything together!

Long conversations with strangers taken to heart that is exactly what they or you need to hear at that time.

These are the things that matter.

Not the extortive relationship between me and my landlord.

Not the monopoly of violence a nation has over its people.

Not the trading of a 3rd or more of my life for what is essentially forced labor to avoid poverty.

Maybe, the moments matter?


ziq wrote

Downvoting Defasher.


red_pepper wrote

Drinking a cold glass of water and feeling the water run down the inside of my chest.


snuggus wrote

sewing stuffed animals out of old jeans, making baskets, drawing. I'm secretly a 90 year old woman, I guess


LucyParsonsRocks wrote

Watching cartoons in bed, playing Monopoly with friends and starting fires.


Cosmicsloth42 wrote

Swimming, walks, listening to birds. I am a simple man.


BigG wrote

Shuttering coal mines :D


Ant wrote

I take a good morning dump and it's all downhill from there

and tomatoes, obviously


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

I've been enjoying going for walks lately while listening to music with earphones.

Spending time with friends is a big one for me also, when I manage to.

Upvoting Defasher. I thought their first line in this comment thread was hilarious and I chuckle basically every time I come by it.

There's other stuff. Used to be a lot more but things have been tough lately so I'm more just focused on getting through the day.


sudo wrote

Oh, you know...


JojoGonal wrote

It's just simple like, getting off from work and come back home, lying on my bed, do nothing then listen to some apknite mediation music. Really pleasure and relaxing.