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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Play with a full deck.

I realise that these are quite abstract but any of them can be done at a small scale and be great, especially if you're creative about it.


red_pepper wrote

Learn the names of service workers you regularly interact with and develop at least an acquaintanceship with them. Due to alienation, we have very few authentic human interactions throughout the day. Customers and workers interact like tyrants and servants, or like operators and machines. Pushing back against this is not only subversive, but if done you can become a welcomed distraction in someone else's day.


acceptable wrote

  • Being brave and prepared enough to steer others' discontent to its proper source (with tact if under threat of a power imbalance).

  • Actively cultivate new friendships with coworkers, classmates, and strangers you see repeatedly on your various routes -- even if you are reticent, or they are not interesting to you. If both, consider thinking of befriending boring people as practice, something interesting and useful to learn about. This can feel degrading/manipulative if you don't put out some love in the practice, though. Look out for this; it's a sign of bad practice.

  • Find out what you can do together to help each other (i.e., ask). Build a solidarity network with your friends and support each other directly, outside of capital's reach.

  • Be smart and don't take unnecessary risks. This goes for agitation, theft of office supplies, organization, pretty much everything.

  • Do your research. Use secure means of communication, while never assuming these means are infallible. Know potential snitches and adversaries, and minimize their power at sensitive times.

  • Be "good at your job." Could make it easier to befriend managers/bosses to leverage their power for a common goal, but this is probably impossible without incredible self-care and emotional intelligence. Helps some in making friends with coworkers, because they won't see you as causing them more work. Mostly, being seen as a good employee is just good for providing you a steady income -- usually very important if you want to maintain rad action elsewhere. Applies to school, too ("good" student generally makes more easily flowing connections with other students and teachers).

  • Basically, try harder to (1) find great friends in your everyday life; (2) build something awesome and beautiful together. It's really hard to do this life shit alone, and we can do really cool shit in teams.

Sorry that these are few and not well put together. They also aren't really "small ways." They take practice, time, and a lot of love (inward and outward). But there really aren't any small ways to subvert capitalism. It's everywhere. Its subversion can only be as grand. Watch out for simple catharsis.


Jessica wrote

Run a torrent server in your basement when you're not using your internet connection. Only torrent software which has DRM on it.

Do some "adbusting." If you see obnoxious advertisements, graffiti the hell out of them. Bonus points of you subvert the message, like in this picture:

Share information. If someone needs a book, lend it to them. Support your local library. Pirate materials that you can't get.

If you see someone being beaten down, pick them up. Help the downtrodden. We are all in this together.