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ziq wrote (edited )

big-man theory

This is a very common one. The devotion to Noam Chomsky American anarchists have is so unshaking that they'll attack anyone critical of his ideas, even when they themselves disagree with said ideas.

The same things happens with Stirner and Kropotkin. Stirner fans can really get lost in the rabbithole and end up rejecting anarchism altogether because it stands for something. "What would Stirner do?" becomes their mantra for literally every question they approach.


Pop wrote

Sometimes it feels frustrating how it's so clearly one of the good things about anarchism that we don't have a white man with facial hair as our posterboy, and then anarchists get so high on kropotkin and the bread book
read it if you like and get over it, there's new shit since then and new shit all the time, and stop pretending like anything comes from one person

I wish we'd leave the dead white guys in the ground instead of carrying them around on our backs