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TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

what are the radical currents that anarchists strawman against?

I really agree with you about intersectionality. I've got a friend that's a really woke feminist and environmentalist but doesnt believe in "convergence des luttes" (as we call it in france), and that's frustrating.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Ummmm, there are a handful (possibly anything that isn't anarcho-communism), here's an example.

  • Left anarchists who discredit post-leftists as 'lifestylists,' totally disengaging, and assuming they just know better because they're onto that 'actual/proper' anarchism. I know a bunch of platformist anarchists who treat any anarchist who isn't platformist like infectious proto-fascist unicorns. This kind of sectarianism - based in a willed disengagement and misunderstanding of others - I find totally ridiculous. That non-seeing and enclosure is (I think) of the same kind involved in racism, so I'm extra wary of those people. (I think it's also the kind of enclosing that makes "anarcho"capitalists think the garbage they think in relation to anarchists)