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Dumai wrote

European materialism starts with Epicurus, not Diderot. Please, learn this.

that's the traditional genealogy, yes, but it's far from perfect considering "materialism" as it arose in enlightenment european thought addressed philosophical and social questions that would have no relevance for epicurus, and carries historical baggage that he wouldn't recognise if he were here today. that isn't to say there aren't certain things epicureanism and enlightenment materialism have in common, but treating them as part of the same harmonious tradition is problematic.

it's kind of like assuming the modern category of "uncivilized" and the ancient roman concept of "barbarianism" are the same. well, no, not really, i guess you could use them synonymously in casual discourse, but if you're adequately historicising these concepts then you probably shouldn't.

All Abrahamic religions were spread by the sword. This predates European exploitation of the Middle East.

... right, okay. but if we're talking about the present day, you'd have to deny islamophobia even exists to say that muslims experience the same privilege as white protestants in the west, and not to notice how islamophobia itself ties into the history of racism and colonialism.

You've clearly never talked to an infidel of color, so I think you should end this conversation here.

and if i were to do this, they'd tell me that islamophobia doesn't exist and that white atheists of christian background experience exactly the same stigmatisation as they do?

i'm not sure that's actually what you're saying, but it's the only way i can make sense of your argument.