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glitter_v0id wrote (edited )

Ableism when it comes to "scary" disorders. People are quick to attack others for a 'stupid' slipping out but that same person will call the thedonald "delusional". Seriously we have plenty of other ways to insult the man, lets not degrade ourselves into attacking our own vulnerable community members??

Stop calling Trump and his supporters "delusional" 2k18, stop using "bipolar" to mean "inconsistent and unpredictable", stop painting people with schizoid disorders as right wing because you're scared of both.

e: incomplete thought in first line


glitter_v0id wrote

A related but different issue i have is the idea that if the person can speak up about the topic, that they aren't affected.

I see this most in autism discussion - thank you, A$ - but it pervades in all aspects.

I'm "not allowed" to speak about ABA being a dangerous therapy because I 'seem normal' despite having been physically abused to get to that point. I'm "not allowed" to ask for accommodations like give me written directions, not verbal and let me wear earplugs because that's "not a real thing anyway" and "you're normal".

I'm "not allowed" to speak about delusions not being a weapon one should use to attack others because if I'm aware of it then I'm not experiencing it and I'm obviously lying because I shouldn't be able to hold relationships if I'm ~that crazy~ (i shouldn't need to elaborate why that's nonsense)

I'm "not allowed" to speak out about how spaces aren't inclusive to physically disabled because my physical problems are completely invisible and I don't use assistive devices (because I would only need them about 25% of the time, and if I used them when I need them and didn't when I'm OK I'm suddenly "faking it") - aside, god i fucking wish I was comfortable using more physical supports when I want a day in the city. I have to cut my time so short...