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ziq wrote

The ability to do my own thing once I've done the work and not get harassed for it. Being left alone and not micromanaged to death.


Jessica wrote

Feeling that I'm making even an incremental difference in a good way. Not having my income and morals conflict


jadedctrl wrote

It won't kill me, and the people I work with are friendly.


braketheboxes wrote

To be in a position to help people, animals or the environment. To have as much freedom as I can as a wage slave.

I have no interest whatsoever in adding more to the corporate bottom line. I absolutely despise capitalism.


dele_ted wrote (edited )

If my boss(es) are surveilling, micro-managing and always keeping an eye on how effective i am, then I'll quit as soon as i can. Acting all submissive and trying to hide that you're not some super-human who can keep going all day without taking a sip of coffee or listening to some music while working can drive me insane in a matter of days.

e: If i have to spend more than a year there, I need a sense of belonging and "feeling at home", too, along with knowing for certain that I'm creating something unique, creative and ethical. Freelance work is the best way to fulfill all this.


alqm wrote

For instance, I work in front of a computer and there are lots of free time to make searches, read, code and setup a WAMP server. haha.


Cheeks wrote

That mutual aid is part of the culture of the workplace environment, weather they understand or not what that is or entails, but that is the one thing that is required from all.

Also the need for the product, good or service to do more good than harm.


raindropq wrote

i like to be learning useful skills, usually gardening related. i just look for the next place, usually it happens obviously. recently i was pruning blueberries for three weeks, speaking spanish with people who also spoke misteco and nahuatl , when that job was over i went down the street and found one framing-up an apartment building . eagles falcons ravens gulls chickadees robins< SEEMINGLY GUIDE ME < HMM CAPS LOCK IS STUCK_ON NOW THIS KEYBORD IS ALL BROKE! it looks like a bottle of dr bronners soap! oh good it ' stopped but i still want to say ALL ONE! last night i dreamed of giant BIRDS OF PARADISE (CAPSLOCK BACK_ON) THEY WERE SOARING ABOVE US < NOWI"M DRINKING PURO DE AGAVE AND THE KEYBOARD IS FAILING