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raindropq wrote

i like to be learning useful skills, usually gardening related. i just look for the next place, usually it happens obviously. recently i was pruning blueberries for three weeks, speaking spanish with people who also spoke misteco and nahuatl , when that job was over i went down the street and found one framing-up an apartment building . eagles falcons ravens gulls chickadees robins< SEEMINGLY GUIDE ME < HMM CAPS LOCK IS STUCK_ON NOW THIS KEYBORD IS ALL BROKE! it looks like a bottle of dr bronners soap! oh good it ' stopped but i still want to say ALL ONE! last night i dreamed of giant BIRDS OF PARADISE (CAPSLOCK BACK_ON) THEY WERE SOARING ABOVE US < NOWI"M DRINKING PURO DE AGAVE AND THE KEYBOARD IS FAILING