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J7383 wrote

Christianity erased their own (pagan) culture so now they take everyone else's culture to fill the void. I feel sorry for them, really.


Dumai wrote

that is actually an absurdly bad analysis, like

  1. despite what some christians might lead you to believe, "christian culture" is not a contradiction in terms! christianity is as culturally particular as any religion - if it isn't then the normative christian claim to human universality may be correct! i do not think that is a line of thinking you'd be comfortable with, for obvious reasons.

  2. to say "white people have no culture" seems to reproduce colonial narratives that present whiteness as neutral. i can understanding saying this just to mock white people but it shouldn't ever be taken all that seriously.

  3. you also shouldn't take the category of "pagan" too seriously either, i mean its literally a christian construct


dele_ted wrote

That's not at all true.

In the case of Scandinavia, the christians were never the pagans. They didn't "erase their own culture", the pagans were eradicated by the christians.

The chrstian church and movement have caused an absurd amount of suffering, misunderstanding and abuse of humans, animals and land in Scandinavia, and I'm confident that the same goes for many other "christian countries" - but the early christians wasn't in any way pagans who had "seen the light".