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surreal wrote

No, many of my anarchist friends had/have dreads. Humans have always been mixing the cultures and borrowing behavior and styles from others.


SpiderGrinder wrote (edited )

That's right! Culture is ever flowing, always changing and mixing. When it comes to the difference between nature and culture, one of the factors is that culture is constantly changing (just look at music culture and all it's subgenre for example) - while nature changes also, but in much slower pace (like evolution of species for example).

Downvote, shame and correct me if I'm wrong (because I am ignorant on the subject, sorry about that), but isn't cultural appropriation in a way just another way to create an "us vs. them" mentality?

Also, who has the legitimacy to represent a opinion of a whole culture? Does everybody think it's culturally inappropriate from that particular culture, most of them or are there only few that really mind, but speak loudly about it?

Thanks in advance :)