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If possible, and requiring further deliberation, I propose a forum for suggesting and voting on ideas to facilitate change, and sub forums, if possible, to serve as space for developing the direct action tactics necessary to bring them to fruition. And one more to serve as news/updates and blueprint for others interested in doing something similar in their area.



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Epicalyx wrote (edited )

is there enough of us to facilitate actual change, creating a global snowball effect?

I don't think this kind of question is well-posed

Firstly because there are always debates about "if there are enough of us", which are holding people back from acting with what they have

Secondly, aiming for a 'global snowball effect' is ok but also kind of meaningless and abstract

I'd rather we talked in terms of actual projects, and also what we need to do to expose raddle to more users and also to make raddle more accessible and retain users

No one project will create a snowball effect, most likely. We will be a wave in an ocean
But we can be a wave the reverberates around the world; at the least, we have some minimal good foundations
(though I imagine that it wouldn't take much for a state intelligence operation to dispense with the admins and shut down the site if they wanted, so that's something we'll have to tackle if we get bigger)


Cheeks OP wrote (edited )

Agreed. It could have been articulated better. It was written hastily as the result of an IRL convo with a liberal regarding the 'diversity of tactics' argument.

I would never want to discourage a single person or small group, or detract in any way from their ability to bring about change. The fact is it usually starts with one person or a very small group.

By, 'aiming for a global snowball effect, ' my point was in projects that are easily accessible and repeatable beyond the arbitrary lines drawn on maps. Projects that have a measurable impact on the lives of those involved. The abstraction is fully intentional, but I wouldn't call that 'meaningless. ' However I do see that my point is being lost, so maybe, a rewrite is in order.

Perhaps it should read, 'How many users are here from differing areas of north america, or even the world? Is there enough of us interested in creating a confederated projects oriented network? How can we use Raddle to help facilitate this?


Magma5 wrote

Do you mean kind of like Anonymous?


Cheeks OP wrote

I guess yes, and no. That is entirely dependent on what you mean by, -"kind of like anonymous?"

Yes in the sense that they are group of voluntary participants who use to vote on their targets and tactics. Besides I was speaking more towards confederated projects like community gardens in low income urban food deserts, or food redistribution that goes beyond food not bombs, or whatever as long as it strikes a blow at the current social political climate and gives people the tools to take portions of their lives out of the control of our 'leaders' and puts it back where it belongs, in their own hands.


Pop wrote (edited )

how many users are there?

I think the best shot at an answer is to look at the amount of votes on the most voted thing lately

I propose a forum for suggesting and voting on ideas to facilitate change

I think that's f/meta? Or f/growth?

What kind of change are you talking about? you mean a forum like f/Raddle_Action should be made?

sub forums, if possible, to serve as space for developing the direct action tactics necessary to bring them to fruition

a few people have talked about stuff like this, none seem to have taken off

Edit: Here's an example of an attempt.


ziq wrote

Let's do a rollcall?

Everyone that comes to raddle, reply to this.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )



One problem with this approach is that it requires them to read your comment.

The other problem is that weekend is generally our quietest time.

Hopefully a lurker or two will say hello.


happy wrote (edited )



ladyanarchist wrote

Hi. How many people are registered on Raddle?


ziq wrote (edited )

  1. That number's misleading because most of the accounts have no activity. We don't log how many actual visitors the site gets everyday but here's a site that has an estimate:


Magma5 wrote

Nice try CIA


Cheeks OP wrote

Lmao! Though admittedly, it doesn't feel very good to be the target of such accusations. :(


zod wrote

It'll only be a vehicle for change if we bring liberals here under false pretenses and expose them to radical perspectives. But the moment a lib opens their mouth, everyone attacks them until they bail.


RosaReborn wrote

Literally all my liberal friends are so close, anger at banks, CEOs, government, even "Center-Left" parties. I try to nudge them with thoughts outside of usual party politics but this is where it starts to break down and they think they can shift their "Center-Left" party leftwards.

They know the system is broken and aren't happy with it but they just can't imagine an alternative outside of it. Let alone a stateless society


red_pepper wrote

Why not use existing forums for that purpose?


zorblax wrote

Wanting "enough for the Big One" is a bad outlook to have.

Keeps you always waiting for the ideal moment to start, when it doesn't really change anything whether you start now or next year.