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ladyanarchist wrote

How is the flag treated in other countries? In the United States, worship is a good term for it. Defamation of the constitution, military, and flag are a few things that will trigger rage in a colonial settler like nothing else will.


Dumai wrote

in the uk being too attached to the union flag will make people suspect you are a nazi. flying the english flag will make people think you are definitely a nazi. or a football fan. or both.


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ladyanarchist wrote (edited )

People in the United States have been subjected to intense propaganda their entire lives that links the flag to their identity and feeling of belonging. When it is questioned it triggers irrational and often violent behavior even from people that you wouldn't expect it, like elementary school teachers.

Flags are on people's houses, cars, buildings, as interior decoration, as clothing, and classrooms.


dele_ted wrote

I live in Denmark, and the flag i encounter most often is the American flag. I live close to the American Embassy, and their flag is plastered all over the place, it looks completely ridiculous.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

In france only gvt buildings fly the flag: town halls, police station. My town's library flies the french flag, but also fly 4 or 5 other different flags, including the european flag. I dont remember if hostpitals and firestations fly the flag thought.

Mostly people fly the french flag for soccer matches, but where I'm living we get as many Algerian or Turkish flags as french ones.