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LucyParsonsRocks wrote

Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk

Mark Zuckerbot

Charles Koch

David Koch

Donald Trump

George W Bush

Dick Cheney

Mike Pence

Alex Jones


dele_ted wrote (edited )

Needs some bankers and less public figures.


Pop wrote

I'm skeptical that we can be the kind of people who bring about a new world if we're getting excited about guillotining people

When we punch a fascist, it is in recognising that the cost to ourselves by taking on violence is ultimately less important than the immediate need to shut down fascist action

So, while I wholly endorse violence as method, I think that we need always to act aware of how it might affect our humanity, and we need to do what we can to safeguard it as we do.

my point being that I'm doubtful that this is useful


BlackFlagged wrote

Rupert Murdoch is the most dangerous bourgie alive. He brainwashes the working class to fight against their interests and further racial divides.


anarcho_pirate OP wrote

  1. Peter Thiel
  2. The Kochs
  3. Mitch McConnell
  4. Jeff Sessions
  5. Mike Pence
  6. Richard Spencer
  7. Jeff Bezos
  8. Betsy Devos
  9. Rupert Murdoch
  10. Donald Trump

For most of the people on this list, they are on here because they both hold positions of power (either political power or just have a platform to spread their hate) and have the most repugnant views. I feel like I have to include Trump on there even though I don't think he has the same sinister beliefs as a lot of these people, but rather is just easily manipulated.


WizardBelly wrote

Ajit Pai Jeff Bezos Elson Musk Zuckerberg Kochs Alt-Right leaders