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BlackFlagged wrote

I think people that are turned off to the idea of violent revolution would be useless comrades anyway.


sudo wrote

Maybe. I've changed a few people's minds about this before. A lot of them don't recognize that capitalism is being violent towards poor people all the time. Explain this to them, and ask them if they think it's okay to engage in a little bit of violence in order to prevent a lot of violence. Usually they will agree that it is, at which point you tell them that a revolution would be less violent than letting capitalism continue to exist. In this situation, pacifism is more violent than violence. That might change their mind.

Where you see a useless liberal, I see a potential communist who hasn't been properly educated yet.


leftous wrote

This is a good point. The sad reality is that this violence against poor people, minorities, and other powerless groups is considered normal to most people. They think "well that's just the way it is when you live in a bad (poor) neighborhood" or "thats what happens when you can't pay your bills".