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[deleted] wrote (edited )


sudo wrote

Yes. It'd be better for workers to have a communist as a manager than a capitalist. I'd do everything I can, within the confines of my position, to help out the workers I'd be managing.


AudibleAnarchist wrote

Why not. It'll prevent someone worse from taking it and it makes it easier to do stuff.


boringskip wrote

I need rent money, but I'd resign from the IWW


zorblax wrote

No. Mid-level managers have to deal with upper management, who as far as I can tell are all totally awful.


glitter_v0id wrote

I already do. and I'm good at it largely bc I ask the people I'm supposed to be managing what they need... should be obvious when you're white collar management of field laborers, but in practice its not for "some reason"(superiority complex of having a degree)

it fuckin sucks and I'm trying to shift my path away from management. this job is draining and filled with lying to all parties to get the man in the corner best profits...