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zorblax wrote (edited )


Mostly because I just don't see the utility in buying most things. Expensive food isn't worth it, expensive clothes offer no better protection than stuff you get from goodwill, new gadgets are only worth it if I'm actually going to hack on them, shoes are good inasmuch as they keep me from getting blisters.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I try to save as much as I can so I can put money into projects or keeping people alive, and will usually only spend money on myself after months of feeling uncomfortable about it. This has sometimes meant living in rooms with little else than a secondhand bed and lamp.

Right now the place I'm renting is great and has furniture in it already. It's got some trinkets in it from the infoshop I used to participate in, and I got a discounted portrait since I was feeling a bit uncomfortable being in a house with nothing of me on the walls of my room, for a few reasons. Otherwise I have a bunch of small gifts and stuff that I've collected over the years that I try to display. And I have quite a bit of stuff that I keep in my room that is actually other people's - international friends who share space with me when they are in town.

I buy important books that I can't pirate, sex toys until I have my bases covered, clothing sometimes so I can experiment with gender stuff, booze, psychedelics sometimes, and have bought the occasional piercing. And quite a bit of takeout.


braketheboxes wrote (edited )

I buy solely based on need. I also aim to buy second hand when I can and hack devices to keep them patched until they die or can no longer be repaired. I pirate as much as possible as I don't want to support corporations.

Most of my food I buy as unprocessed as possible. I donate quite regularly too.

The less stuff one has the less bother one has to deal with.

Capitalism requires consumers.