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[deleted] wrote


Dumai OP wrote

communist goths are unarguably the best type of communist or goth


jadedctrl wrote

5 years ago I already knew I was transgender, so that's out of the question. I was still a little "anti-SJW" reactionary though and hated "special snowflakes", but now I basically am one.

Ditto! Except me from five years ago would be surprised I was trans and transitioned.


Dirtbagleftist wrote (edited )

He probably wouldn't even speak to me. 5 years ago I was a stuck up right wing reactionary. A certain aspect of my life would disgust his bigoted ass.


NEOalquimista wrote

Back then I believed in people like Elon Musk and dreamed of a perfect space city where everything would be possible with technology. Everything would work flawlessly like magic. Point my finger to a wall, and it will open a path through itself JUST for me. I'm being attacked by bounty hunters? A powerful mace of light will materialize in front of me and allow me to erase them. Obviously, nobody dies in this world, they just return to a "spawn" point. "The Core", a machine that keeps the data on everyone, can use that data to recreate your synthetic body and restart...

I still look at the stars and still want to know what's out there, but not in the same way most people do.


Dumai OP wrote

in my case he'd be really really surprised i'm christian now


snowflake wrote

i'm curious to hear more. can you offer some words about how/why have you come to self-identify with that title and in what way do you see it affecting your relationships?


Dumai OP wrote (edited )

i still don't know if i can answer the question "why did you become a christian". it's a question i get a lot because i suppose converting to a religion from atheism isn't really typical for left-leaning millennials, especially not if they spent as much time as a new atheist as i did. i started praying long before i had any idea of who or what i was praying to, and from that point it would still take me two years before i was comfortable calling myself a believer as such. at some point along the way my politics forced me to reconsider the naive rationalism i believed in when i was a teenager - namely, coming to terms with the fact that it was as culturally contingent as any religion, and certainly as predicated on irrational foundations. more than anything else i became a believer that all of us, in one way or another, are "religious" (or at least, by right, belong in the modern category of "religious"), but there was still some distance between that realisation and my eventual decision to call myself christian. i can't really say at the moment why or even really when that happened.

i guess i can say right now that i have my suspicions about what i mean when i say "god", i am not nearly well educated enough in theology right now to express them without making a fool of myself, and the language and practices i am comfortable using to express my faith originate in christianity, which in my estimation makes me a christian. even if i can say that i definitely do not believe in god as an anthropomorphic, creative intelligence.


what way do you see it affecting your relationships?

hahahahahahahahahaha "relationships" hahahahahahahahahahaha


buzz wrote (edited )

it would be pretty awkward i dont know what we would talk about

they would probably find my poor attempts to make me think about anarchy and communism pretty suprisingly bad


libre_dev wrote

That I haven't cashed in my Bitcoin riches yet, and the amount of radicals I know. 2013 me was a fledgling feminist after having drunk the MRA kool-aid for about a year before that. In a way I'm happy I got that reactionary phase over back then instead of with today's internet fascism