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ladyanarchist wrote

Full convert here. I was raised as a religious right wing conservative and wasn't able to really think for myself until I left my family at 18.


jadedctrl wrote

Generic ``SJWs are ruining everything'' and ``communism is against human nature'' BS.


BreakTheChains wrote

'if people are poor that's there fault for not working hard enough'

While I was always generally supportive of feminism I did occasionally use the phrase 'feminazis'.


foggymorn wrote

Thinking that so-called 'free speech' was a 'human right' that should be defended at all costs no matter what was being said...


ziq wrote (edited )

I was raised to think all Turks were fascists and all British were imperialists. It was drilled into me at school from an early age.


DissidentRage wrote

I evolved from being raised a religious right winger to going US libertarian then embracing socialism. I also had to self-reflect to purge some pretty hasty brocialist tendencies. I consider myself mostly reformed but I guess that's ultimately not my determination to make.


selver wrote

All the standard edgy teen white dude opinions.


dele_ted wrote (edited )

Believing that human rights and similar rights declarations were actually a good thing, and whole-heartedly supporting them. I also supported EU for a very long time, simply because every school I've went to had stubbornly beaten it into me.


leftous wrote

I was formerly a "New Atheist" when the movement was still in its infancy...whenever that was 10 years ago or so. I wasn't around when they really started getting reactionary as they are now - but those who are aware of Bill Maher, Sam Harris, and the Youtube Atheists will know what I mean. Their willingness to oppress, lie about, and create racist hostility towards innocent people (particularly Muslims), weaponizing "logic" and "rationality", just made them a cog of the racist and imperialist propaganda machine.