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alqm wrote

This is what happened to the main leftist candidate for president we had this year. He was president for 8 years in the last decade. He made many projects to improve the life of the poor communities. He would be the choice for many of my family members. But it seems he got caught stealing public money. Many are saying that's not true, and he is being set up by the right-wing politicians. I really don't know.


leftous wrote

It's very common for leftists to be framed, suffer character assassination, or actually be assassinated. However, I don't know much about that case.

Is there someone viable you can vote for who will take over running the Workers Party if he's not allowed to?


alqm wrote

Recently, a group of right-wing young people fired bullets near where the candidate was passing. They were arrested, and one of them was a cop, whose gun was used. Later they explained that they were following Bolsonaro's ideas (aka BolsoNazi).