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I upload the file, then it takes me to the "beam" page, which says my coin is "HERE", but the link only downloads a .bin file. It gets nowhere. How do you use it?

Things I tried:

  • disabled VPN
  • disabled ad-blocker


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leftous wrote (edited )

All you need to do is manually type in the file extension in the filename field. If you put in a file name without an extension, it uploads as a generic, unviewable file.

E.g. here I added .jpg to the file name I was uploading


NEOalquimista OP wrote

That's it. I remember asking this same question some time ago, but totally forgot the trick to

Thank you.


J7383 wrote

u/jadedctrl should change that so it enters the file's format on its own.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I had different trouble with it earlier, but it's working fine for me now. Hopefully u/jadedctrl will be able to help out.