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Tequila_Wolf wrote

It doesn't happen to me, but I would try to work from my understanding of their beliefs and what they're sympathetic to. I would also try to point out hypocrisy wherever possible.

And prior to that:

  • I'd have done my best to have the relevant historical knowledge (e.g. various anarchist revolutions in the past, the Zapatistas, the Kurds, acephalous societies)
  • I'd have done my best to prepare for the wide range of thoughtless learned reactions like "hierarchy is natural" or "blacks/women have the vote now so they're equal" so that they can as swiftly and effectively as possible be dealt with in a way that leaves them with the impression that I'm on top of my shit, and and I have meaningful answers that are plausible and have not been considered before. I think one of the best things you can do is to really knock down people's walls and show them that there are answers they want on the other side.

amongstclouds wrote

I usually just tell them to meditate or read The Unique and It's Property. Haha!


BreakTheChains wrote

I think really you have to start by convincing people the current system doesn't work. People will mostly only be open to a new ideology if they see liberalism has failed. If they still have faith in liberal capitalism they're unlikely to abandon it for anarchism.


Cheeks wrote

I light up with joy!!! I take it as an assault on my ideologies. I've got almost 25 years of well read cannon fodder on these subjects ready to fire off to anyone that questions it. And with the pertinent questions I've learned to ask they always walk away a little bit more of a comrade.


__deleted_____ wrote (edited )

"You first. Convince me to convert to capitalism"


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

nothing will work when they say that because they dont want to.

It's easy to convince anyone to go vegan because there is only 1 argument against veganism, but even if you present FACTS, they'll ignore everything because they are looking for holes in your arguments and are not trying to understand.

You're better to look with them at their own ideology, point the holes in it, and let them figure it out themselves.

If they come back and ask you to explain your ideology instead of convincing them of it, you've won.


ladyanarchist wrote

I don't get asked this question. It sounds very derogatory though.