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Jessica wrote

I wouldn't date people based on ideology, but by their general approach to information and ideas. If they must cling to an ideology then that stunts their intellectual growth. If they are open-minded and like to discuss things in order to improve themselves and me, then I find that a very attractive quality, even if they are very different from me ideologically.

Look for people who improve themselves without external influence. Ask them what books they read, what they think about X political issue, what they would do to solve problems in their life, and what goals they have for the future (along with estimating how much progress they have towards that goal!)


leftous wrote

Generally it would be impossible for me to ever be involved with someone romantically (or even as a friend) if they lack compassion or a conscience.

If they have these qualities and are just ignorant about the ills of capitalism (which is common), I would be willing to have a relationship with them if they are open-minded. I would not bombard them with my political beliefs. That would be like immediately presenting the conclusion you have arrived at after years of research without providing any background, reason, or evidence.

Instead, I would just make conscious instances of suffering and oppression, and share my anti-capitalist and anti-state critiques. Once they are able to sympathize with and understand my worldview, only then would I explain my politics; which is what I believe the solution is - dismantle capitalism and the state.


emma wrote (edited )



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DissidentRage wrote

My current partner is probably my last, so if something happens between us, I'm done. I find that I don't have the desire and patience to go through all the rituals toward it. I'm not a social butterfly, I don't think I'm particularly attractive, and my experiences have made me cautious and a little closed off, so these things in tandem make the prospect of dating, I think, a little more difficult for me than it probably does for many other people.

I think if I did date I would have to select for someone who is at least genuinely sympathetic to the cause rather than someone who just nods and agrees. Politics are an important area to my discourse. They would also have to be outside the US or at least willing to leave with me when I get the opportunity. Another important thing is that they'd have to also be someone I can be friends with.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Same as my nonromantic and nonsexual things, I'm political from the start but responsive to the person(s) interest in politics. If they aren't interested in political stuff it severely limits what's possible for the relationship but doesn't make it impossible since I'm non-monogamous and happy to have all different kinds of relationships for different reasons.

Your questions seem to imply that there are times its desirable to keep politics out of relationships - I'm interested to know when you think that might be.


Garbo wrote

I truthfully would love someone left of the center myself as I love to chatter constantly about politics, however, the main reason for the question is primarily the lack of us. I think it to be easier to find love with well, just a normie per se. That is dependent on location as well of course.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't think I would generally let myself develop romantic feelings for someone who wasn't at least an anticapitalist. Mostly because I dedicate pretty much everything I am to this, so it would likely mean constant conflict and compromise to be around them and do liberal things. So it does mean potentially long periods with no serious romantic partner. Historically it's been worth the wait.


Garbo wrote

Thank you for the advice, I think I might just do that truthfully as I think I would constantly be in conflict as well. Besides, I need to stop being an antisocial anarchist and take part in some activism as is.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

No problem - I didn't think of it as advice though, and was just speaking of my own preferences and experiences. I probably have different needs and desires than you :) I also don't live where you do and possibly have access to relatively more radicals.


ziq wrote (edited )

I couldn't be with someone that didn't care about the environment of thought that capitalism was good for humanity. Those are my lines.


Dumai wrote


oh wait you're serious

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libre_dev wrote

Can't really say. I'm basically taking a break from dating. I don't find it particularly rewarding any more since it always seems to lead to being ghosted


_ziq_ wrote

It's too stressful so I just don't.


NEOalquimista wrote

I prefer not to have too many things to lose, so I run away from that kind of thing. I'll probably have to die for what I believe, so it's best if I stay alone. I don't care about myself anyway. I'm just letting this body grow old and ugly.