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GrimWillow wrote

Obligatory shoutout to /u/emma!

Thank you for the work you've put into something so important for Anarchists. It is truly the oasis in the desert of feces that makes up the majority of internet discourse.


Cheeks wrote

Without the work of ziq red Emma and a few others this would not be what it is.. I'm very grateful!


leftous wrote

/u/ShiningWing for their work on themes (material in particular)

/u/Defasher for keeping it (a little too) real

/u/emma + /u/ziq for obvious reasons

The sheer amount of smart, hard working, and well meaning people we have on this site makes me hopeful that this project will succeed.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Yes! Definitely a shoutout to those whose constant participation is less visible and less obvious during day-to-day raddle usage :)


ziq wrote

I've gotta give props to reddit's Prince_Kropotkin. If he hadn't been such a collosal turd, lwse would have never existed and reddit would have never banned the sub and raddle wouldn't have spawned out of that ban.


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DissidentRage wrote

I could get behind The Burning of King Olaf Prince_Kropotkin festival.


[deleted] wrote


GrimWillow wrote

I like the perspective of many of the articles shared by them! I see so many good posts, I'm thankful that they have taken the time to share these links! They often take the words out of my mouth when I see them in discussion as well.


zod wrote

raddle would be dead without them


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elyersio wrote (edited )

Props to /u/GNU_PONUT for talking to yours truly a lot on Matrix, without bolding any fifthglyphs.


Dumai wrote

i've not been here very long but the community's been pretty welcoming and cool so far!


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

I really appreciate /u/sudo and /u/Tequila_Wolf. They put a lot of great stuff on the site, and are both pretty rad!

EDIT: And /u/CatsForFun for making this thread-- I love it! :)


Cheeks wrote

Big shoutout to myself /u/Cheeks and to all the other insignificant users who spend more time pursuing than posting. Without us, all the hard work of the others would be in vain.