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ziq wrote (edited )

I've gotten people I know IRL to use the site.

The feedback I keep getting from people that aren't schooled in radical politics is that the barrier of entry here is too high.

Regular people are too intimidated to post - they don't want to get told off for not being as well read as the regulars.

Insular communities only shrink over time and it's something we need to think about.

This isn't a site for anarchists. It's a site that was made by anarchist principles. For the people.


Defasher wrote (edited )

Was a good example of that the other day.

A newcomer was talking about their experiences being homeless.

Someone chimes in to tell them not to use the word 'homeless' because it's offensive, and to say 'houseless' instead.


Toxic idpol like that should be against the ToS imo. Just makes people want nothing to do with us.


happy wrote

Are you talking about my response to infinity's post? I didnt realize promoting positive language changes is toxic idpol.


Defasher wrote (edited )

Pretty toxic telling a homeless person they're not homeless and to use a different word.


happy wrote

My post was in response to a discussion where infinity was explaining how they view homelessness to be less ethical than veganism. It was not meant to be in response to their own personal experience with homelessness. I apologize if my post came off as toxic, that was not my intention.

FWIW I am homeless too and I think the term is bogged down with negative connotations where the homeless are substandard to those that are housed.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

We might want to reframe some of the forums and maybe I should start posting more everyday stuff and maybe a bit less political stuff?

It'd be nice if people posted more about whatever other nonpoitical stuff they do.

One thing that might be preventing some people here is the general sense that people want to avoid giving away identifying information. I regularly have to avoid answering askraddle posts because there's no way to give a substantial answer without effectively making me identifiable.


LucyParsonsRocks wrote

If a site is made by anarchists and the only people that bother coming here are anarchists, and all the content is geared towards anarchists, doesn't that make it an anarchist site for all intents and purposes?

Only anarchists seem to care enough about avoiding capitalist/state surveillance to seek out raddle. The rest of the world (including most other leftists) couldn't care less as long as they have their bread and circuses.


ziq wrote (edited )

emma made the site and she's a Marxist. So it's much more likely raddle is a secret plot to get anarchists to embrace the vanguard...

I know I no longer leave the house without my bible Communist Manifesto™.

I even manage to somehow work 'dialectical materialism' into every conversation.