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Shandy wrote

How are conservatives liberals? They're literally the polar opposite of that. So you guys really would rather side with ring wing bigots than left wing progressives? Okay...


leftous wrote (edited )

No one here has really explained that leftists use the real definition of liberal (wikipedia). Whereas you are using the colloquial US definition as a synonym for "progressive".

However, while most anti-capitalists do agree progressives are more humane in their form of capitalism, we do see it for what it is and has been around the world: capitalist exploitation on life support with no revolutionary potential.


Magma5 wrote

While on social issues US conservatives are much worse, on economic issues they are only slightly worse than the liberals.


ziq wrote

I'd say US dems only play lip service to social issues. Look at how they fucked over the Dreamers at the first opportunity for example. Or how Clinton shielded an abuser that worked for her.


not_AFX_lol wrote

Or how they keep trying to fuck over Chelsea Manning to keep an old white Zionist guy in the Senate