How do you browse Raddle?

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in AskRaddle

Some subquestions for clarity:

What's your set default front page - featured, subscribed, all?

Do people generally find everything interesting or are the concerns of the site not wide enough yet that looking only at the stuff you've subscribed is preferable?

Do you have a particular process that you undergo as habit whenever you're on the site?

Any other observations on your browsing preferences are welcome too.



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Random_Revolutionary wrote

Homepage: /all

I browse raddle twice or thrice a day, and check the news that come up. I try to read the articles most of the time, I dont do much "title" browsing, contrary to what I did when I was on reddit. I dont comment much bc there isnt much to say, since we all agree on most things. If anyone comments I read their comment


________deleted wrote (edited )

I think I'd find pretty much everything interesting if I had time to read it all. As it is, I choose the highest rated articles to read. Wish I could click a button to save articles for reading later.

Subbed is my default view. Didn't know I could change it. Are the featured forums basically just the forums with the most activity?

I'm too lazy to sub to more forums so I just switch to the all view when I want to see more.


ziq wrote

I recently switched from subscribed to all because I'm subscribed to pretty much everything anyway.


4t0m wrote

I thought I was weird for using All + New all the time.


veggiemilk wrote

I look at the front page for a sec then tab over to /r/anarchism