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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Not sure, also not sure if that's true. But I'll take a crack at answering :)

People with boots jammed into their necks are going to spend time critiquing the boot, so there's that.

Queer and feminist theory seems to me to imply anarchism most of the time, so I think that helps. It's also super poststructuralism-influenced, which, although vaguely marxist, is very compatible with anarchism.

And if you're trans you'll probably start with queer theory in conjunction with other radical stuff. That different starting point probably changes how you end up. People who instead start with a plain old class critique are probably more likely to be exposed to marx earlier and have all their lighbulb moments with that, then build the identity around it, and it becomes hard to move around after that.

And there's probably a disproportionate amount of transpeople online since going outside is generally harder when you're trans.