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4t0m wrote

Ive been thinking that I should comment more. I'll start doing that!


kore wrote

I only speak for myself but it seems that Raddle is more about link sharing than discussion. More gets submitted than the people who regularly read this forum could ever discuss.


happy wrote

There is nothing stopping anyone from creating conversation. If you read an article here ask open ended questions about it to start discussion.


surreal wrote

It's okay we are not a big community. Anyway for me that i was never a heavy reddit user but for some time used twitter, for my information flow, this is normal. Having new posts all day feels more lively than commenting on a couple of posts all day. Peeps here post so many interesting stuff that i spend most of my free surfing time on reading than writing.


rosalique wrote

I try to comment when I can, but I've been a bit occupied with unemployment.


Yunlunuae wrote

Mostly I just browse. Occasionally I interact.