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[deleted] wrote


rosalique wrote (edited )

100% this. American perspective here, but I see most conservatives as uneducated working class people that don't yet know they're actually left.

I've never identified as a liberal. The majority I've met were willingly ignorant or just downright snakes.


ziq wrote

Yeah. Libs are much more attached to the state and its authority.


Defasher OP wrote (edited )

I'm starting to feel like it's a waste of time. There's so many of them, spending the energy to get someone to oppose capitalism is like a drop in the ocean. Even if they speak out against capitalism, or go to a protest, is it really going to change the world? Shit is piling up faster than we can compost it.

I worked on someone for years, they seemed like they were finally getting it, but then they tell me they're -- let's just say doing some ultra capitalist shit with some money their gran left them. And telling me how people who don't 'know how to make their money work for them' are lazy and deserve to be left behind by society.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Probably the best things I've done was be part of an infoshop collective where I'd work/play from behind a counter, greeting people as they came in telling them that they should let me know if they'd like anything or wanted to hear more about the place. Often that would lead to interesting and meaningful conversations with people who had been interested in the the big storefront circle-A enough to come inside. Though I have no way to measure the effect I had there, I do know that my collective had a huge effect on a local group of students who went on to become large parts of a nationwide movement that did some very good things and changed the political landscape of a whole country. These people continue to do amazing things to this day (they probably have better politics than me now) and no doubt have influenced many others, so when I think about how painfully liberal they were when a couple of them first walked into the infoshop, it's pretty wonderful.

Two things to note here is that;

  • I really had a high volume of people I engaged with because of how I located myself in that specific place. What I did was not targeted in the sense that I had an individual I was working on, but it was targeted in that it was probably one of the best places to be to engage with someone who was actually interested.
  • When people grew, it was probably because they wanted to in the first place, and were glad to have someone who could articulate their experiences and thoughts for themselves in ways they had not been able to.

I have had zero luck with people who are reluctant from the outset, but I'm hoping to get better at it, enough that I can get people to at the very least stop being assholes but ideally give up ill-gotten land and money.


ziq wrote (edited )

I'm sure I have, but I'd rather focus on people that are actually reaching out and looking for answers than waste my time on people that are fine with the status quo.

It's especially a waste of time trying to educate a wealthy person; because they'd be going against their own self interest. They wouldn't be in the position they're in without willfully exploiting others.


Dirtbagleftist wrote

It's especially a waste of time trying to educate a wealthy person; because they'd be going against their own self interest. They wouldn't be in the position they're in without willfully exploiting others.

Would you classify the 'Middle Class' if you will as wealthy?


ziq wrote (edited )

Upper middle class. The wealthier someone is, the harder it would be for them to sacrifice their privilege.


BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

We can't even radicalize the r/metanarchism bros. How are we going to radicalize liberals?

Seriously though, it's only worth it if you have the energy for it and can take the toxic bullshit you'll be exposed to every step of the way without your mental health being hit too hard.


AudibleAnarchist wrote

I got a liberal to support universal health care a couple of days ago. I think those types of people are more easily convinced by economic arguments than morality or anything else.


shitty_orangutan wrote

What does radicalized mean in this context? I feel out of the loop...


ziq wrote (edited )

Turned them into a radical leftist / anarchist.


shitty_orangutan wrote

What is the proposal/arguments for anarchy? Do you have a link where I could learn what specifically it accomplishes?

My gut reaction is assuming anarchy implies chaos and survival of the fittest, but I'm assuming there are either more compelling arguments, my understanding is incomplete, or my understanding incorrect.

Is anarchy in this context referring to dissolving government?