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shitty_orangutan wrote

"As many of you know, there's something about becoming a parent that concentrates the mind on long-term problems like climate change. It was the birth of my daughter that inspired me to launch this climate organization, in order to counteract the excessive polarization of this issue in the United States, and to find a conservative pathway forward. Yes, folks, a Republican climate solution is possible, and you know what? It may even be better." interesting ted talk on climate change

I think a bridge can be forged on many issues, but each group has too many stupid, pre-conceived notions about the other.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

In my case I don't live in the US where there are these developed kinds of notions about conservatives as a group. Mostly people are divided into racist or not and capitalist or socialist, and liberals aren't so easy to come by.

Also I am an anarchist and since they are mostly unheard of where I am from there are no substantial preconcieved notions about what I am.