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Cartoon_Cat wrote

I think all people have it in them to commit the act - especially in the US where everyone has the means to instantly end a life in a split second of panic.

I spose the big difference would be if someone had it in them to deal with the aftermath, or even to kill a second, third or fourth time, or to kill multiple people in a premeditated action. I don't think I have it in me to be a 'killer', but certainly in the 'right' situation I'd likely be capable.

It's justified to kill exploiters/oppressors in self defence or liberation, but how much can you hold their followers responsible? How far down the chain can you go before it isn't justified?

It's actually a question I struggle with regularly to a less extreme extent - the same people that mindlessly defend the right to eat animals are the same people that would have mindlessly supported and maintained human slavery, but once the status quo changes (and the slavers are eliminated) they change too. One one hand I hate them for the harm they cause, but on the other I know they are not the ones responsible for the way they think and act. So I can't justify harming them unless they target me first, because they're quite literally tools.


J7383 OP wrote

Honestly I don't think I'd be very fazed if the person deserved it. If there were a revolution I'd volunteer to be on the front lines because anyone fighting to maintain neoliberalism would deserve it.


ziq wrote

I don't think anyone can know until they're forced to do it.


rosalique wrote

Capitalists don't count as people, right?


________deleted wrote

Does that person shit on the marginalised everyday? Does he deliberately make the world a worse place for everyone he deems as being beneath him? Then I think I could probably muster up the will.


not_AFX_lol wrote

Not unless it was necessary to save myself or someone I care about, and even then I'd probably be fucked up for a long, long time.


lambda wrote

As a transhumanist, probably not. I'd prefer if we all lived forever honestly.


dele_ted wrote

As Charlie said in The Great Dictator:

"As long as men die, liberty will never perish".

Infinite life is probably a very, very, VERY bad idea.


lambda wrote

If we never died, people would have to actually live with the long term ramifications of their actions. I think that might help fix a lot of shortsighted problems we face.