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ziq wrote

9-5 as a warehouse attendant.


surreal wrote

freelancing python/linux


dallo wrote

9-5 developer for a Euronext Bank. I want to leave. I will have to wait for the end of my student debt.


rosalique wrote

I freelance now, but my last employer was in retail marketing. I learned that Fortune 100 companies don't mind stealing art and other assets from smaller companies as long as it's "internally facing".


ZeWord wrote

More and more by helping comrades out, programming for solidarity projects, or simply helping them take control of their digital lives (eg. setting up private servers to stop using the free/corporate/surveillance cloud). Love my life :)


lambda wrote

Software consulting. I'm a rather large advocate of free software and contributing back, so I tend to focus on projects or firms that align with those goals.


DissidentRage wrote

Selling my labor in bulk as a web software engineer.