At what point if ever might it be desirable for raddle to brigade other platforms?

Submitted by Ant in AskRaddle

by brigade I mean collectively engage for some purpose

for example, as part of anti-reddit action, if we had a brigade crew that jumped in on specific threads, made good arguments, and maybe drew (hopefully the right) people to raddle?

Also, we could collectively vote-manipulate and push things up, for example by deciding on an article to post, then posting it and collectively all upvoting it immediately to make it gain visibility

just a thought for discussion, I have no idea if it's viable or worthwhile


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ziq wrote

We've done it before whenever someone links to a reddit thread here. There aren't really enough people to make a big impact though. Reddit has millions of liberals that far outnumber us.


Ant wrote

Noted! I think I've noticed that once or twice - but I was thinking of something more organised

I like raddle as a forum platform but thinking about taking it beyond that to a base of operations would be interesting

granted it does seem premature considering our numbers are possibly not high enough
that said, who ever got anything done waiting for numbers


Cartoon_Cat wrote

I think it is absolutely viable, considering reddit is more about timing your posts and comments properly (isn't the algorithm something like x-upvotes per x-time rather than total upvotes?) than about content.

Theoretically just a handful of users could push a post or at least a comment-thread high enough in the chain for the 'neutral' karma-hunting users to tag on and try and be part of the hivemind by commenting and upvoting themselves.

The fallout might not be worthwhile though. Considering how persistent you would have to be to start to impact the dialogue you'd run the risk of drawing attention to your activity and discrediting the content you push. It might be best to limit it to just pushing certain links up rather than comments, but then isn't this happening all day with bots? T_D posts are quite openly manipulated by bots in some huge way, and they seem to get away with it. I'm not sure I would want to attach myself to that tactic, purely because of its association with that sub.

Wishful thinking here but I'm sure there are people working for reddit who are sick of it and willing to impact change under the radar


Cosmicsloth42 wrote

Eh, I don't think brigading is something we should really be promoting. Sure it can be effective, but it could also be used against us. Probably alienate some of the Bernie Bros out there.


Ant wrote

I'm interested to hear about how it could be used against us

I feel like not acting because of how our actions will be received by hypothetical people is among the worst kind of self-policing

and if it was well-planned brigading within specific parameters (for example, actively seeking not to take on trollish behaviour) then i'm not sure what's troublesome about it - it would both mean exposure for raddle and our ideas