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tlckl wrote (edited )

I know this is subjective but: Better and easier food.

I don't mean "healthier", I mean in taste and convinience. It forces you to learn to cook yourself, and you will eventually be able to make a meal, which you think tastes well, in a relatively short time.

All the meat-containing meals can be replaced by an equally tasty vegetarian one. I know it sounds weird, but given enough experience, it is true.

Anyway, here's my favorite vegetarian meal: spaghetti bolognese. Get some meat substitutes at your local grocery store (most stores have them these days + you can stock a lot of them in your freezer) and a bunch of vegetables of your choice. Cut these vegetables out. Add a little oil to the pot and heat the vegetables in it for something like 5 minutes. Then put one or two glasses of peeled tomatos in the pot, plus one or two vegetable bouillons. Then let this cook for some minutes. Finally add the meat substitute, and cook it for some time. Seasoning can be done by adding some chili, basil, oregano, and salt. Then eat with spaghetti.

IMO it tastes even better than the meat version. It takes maybe 30 minutes to make, but it isn't that much of an issue because you can store it in your refrigerator for 10 days or more and eat it throughout the week, as there is no meat in it.

Here's some other arguments for it:

  • If you know what you're going for, it is cheaper.
  • You reduce your foot-print on nature.
  • Less animal cruelty.
  • Often healthier, or at least easier to control (although you should probably get blood tests once in a while to ensure that you're OK).
  • You can still eat delicious meals.

Disadvantages are:

  • You can't always eat the same meals as your friends.
  • Depending on where you live, some of the ingridients are hard to get.