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In the past few years, there was mass growth of right-wing supporters and anti-leftists. Brexit, Trump winning, war, etc... It's all pretty disheartening, and it's given me a lot of stress and anxiety about the future. But, I think there's still some hope left for us, and we can't give up. We need to stick together, organize, stay updated and plan for events... we can't sit idly by when work needs to be done.

I'm wondering how everyone is doing here. isn't the most active website (understandably), and I feel like stress and tensions have only risen. So, I think we should try to get more involved and supportive! It'll increase morale, create more discussions, raise productivity, branch out and provide more resources... these are only suggestions, though. It's only be possible if we work collectively, and I'm willing to contribute.

So! Does any of this seem plausible? Do you feel hopeful for this year? Share any therapeutic methods to stay calm amongst the chaos? Change can only happen through unity.



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Umm I'm surprisingly and perhaps nonsensically hopeful, or at least that explains why I keep trying.

Usually I feel best when I'm working on projects of mine, so I try to do that whenever I'm able.

So I suppose that collective projects are potentially a way for raddle to do interesting things.

I've often wondered what we could do as an online community. What do people do? I suppose we could design stuff to disseminate. or we could constructively brigade other places. Or we could do other odd things like all upvoting certain new posts on reddit at the same time to get them visible to wider audiences.

These are off the top of my head, there's probably a lot more.


ziq wrote (edited )

Things can't get better until they get bad enough that people are willing to fight back. The more the ruling class take, the quicker payback will come. I hang on to that thought.

Bullshit's easy to swallow if it feels good going down.


DissidentRage wrote

Sometimes the only way out of hell is through it. I think the next year is going to be worse, and I don't think civil war in the US can be taken out of the cards. I think after this presidency, drastic measures are going to need to be taken. A lot of people are going to find themselves in dire circumstances.


zorblax wrote

I've stopped even trying to think about the future.

I've also stopped doing most of my projects, but that's because I actually don't find them very interesting anymore. My main goal for 2018 is to get better at self-studying and get back in shape.

Anyway, the past couple days have been a wild ride and it's probably only going to get wilder.