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Ant wrote

Some women do

"Women" in general doesn't exist

Gender nihilism ftw


elyersio OP wrote

If women don't exist, what am I attracted to?


Ant wrote

I don't know, it's different for everybody

you might wanna think about it, it's quite enjoyable to find out things aren't as simple as they seemed for you


Xesau wrote

Women in general doesn't exist < if women don't exist //

You are probably not attracted to "women in general" Instead, you are probably attracted to some women. There is a difference there.


elyersio OP wrote (edited )

Wow. I was doing a Strawman fallacy, but not on purpose. I just.. did it, naturally. My apologies, and thank you for teaching me a thing.

What is your definition of women in general, and how does it not exist?


zombie_berkman wrote

wait is it weird to not use shaving cream at all, as a guy?


secretmuon wrote

I used to dry shave because i was poor and didn't want to spend on the shaving cream. It hurts a lot less and you can shave with a duller razor if you have shaving cream, and you cut yourself less, and get fewer ingrown hairs.

All in all it's actually better to use shaving cream if you can.


zombie_berkman wrote

maybe i just have a 30 something baby face but i never cut myself. its been years but i also only shave once or twice a week :\


sudo wrote

Not a guy, but I have never used shaving cream. Though I also haven't changed razor blades in 2 years, so I think I am the outlier here.


4t0m wrote

The timing on this post is great.

I generally dry shave if I shave, or just use a buzzer. I shaved with shaving gel for the time today and it was really nice. Usually I'm snagging my moustache a lot and my face is itchy. Shaving gel with aloe is the way to go.

There is no way in hell I'm becoming a regular face shaver though.


NeoliberalismKills wrote

I'm a man and I've gone old school. Double edge razor and shave soap and a brush. For some reason shaving feels less like a chore even though it's actually more work. The single blade makes shaving around the goatee and handle bar stash alot easier than the new razors.


dieselriot wrote

Me too, mate. I just wish I could afford a nice straight razor, but until then, DE ftw


tranarchy wrote

most moisturizing soaps/conditioners can serve the purpose well enough, and there are many shaving products marketed towards women as well (usually with a bit of unnecessary markup). estrogen-influenced hair tends to be soft, so since shaving creams and gels are partially meant to soften hair, they're less necessary for estrogen-dominant individuals, but these products are also meant to moisturize skin, so if you don't use it and you don't use moisturizer at all you can have irritation.


jadedctrl wrote

I usually don't since I shave in the shower, and the water takes care of things-- but if I'm in a pinch and can't take a shower, I'll use shaving cream.

… but that's good point. Shaving cream has a masculine connotation to me, too. Weird!