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Defasher wrote

I make a lot of google searches that go like "how many infidels do I need to gank before I get my 72 virgins?" and "my suicide vest doesn't fit". Using my boss's laptop.


tlckl wrote

They probably aren't to be fair. We're not important enough.


ziq wrote (edited )

Never underestimate a government employee's capacity for busywork. Nothing they do is important but they need to justify their salaries somehow. Radical leftists are a popular target if cointelpro taught us anything.


lenin_1917 OP wrote

I hardly think the CIA has a team of hackers trawling the leftist web day in, day out, but they are no doubt archiving and collecting plenty of evidence to use against us. Never assume any degree of safety online, comrade.


ziq wrote

Goatse 24/7.


zezima wrote

VPN and/or TOR. They give me the privacy of being able to browse without fear of being watched. The latter makes me feel more secure.


PoisonDartFrog wrote

I spend hours telling my webcam about my hopes and dreams. I'd be ever so lonely if not for those snoops.


ArbitraryHuman wrote

I don't think I have enough of an online presence for them to be monitoring me TBH.


lenin_1917 OP wrote

I still have no doubt all our actions are being archived, etc for future evidence. We have to be very careful.


sudo wrote

I try to use as many of the things on this list as possible.