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ArbitraryHuman wrote (edited )

"Of course I do not need any policy protection from a (virtually unknown) website that is moderated and visited by unabashed radical racists. So you too think that two wrongs make a right."

If you'd like to see an actual website that is moderated and visited by unabashed radical racists, I suggest you take a trip down to Stormfront (A.K.A. Nazi heaven). You seem to be under the impression that either you are being discriminated against because of your race, or that you are merely extremely worried about it happening in the future. The first, if I am correct in my guess, is completely incorrect. I am not discriminating against you because you're white, nor are anyone else. If you believe that just because we criticize your suggestion on discrimination policy on this site that we are somehow discriminating against you, it'd be better if you left Raddit now. This is not a Maoist site, this is not an AnCom site, this is not a LibSoc site. This is a radical leftist site. That means that we accept all forms of radical leftists, and believe me when I say that many of the different forms do not get along well with each other. Criticism is inevitable, and if you can't handle that...well, I'll leave the conclusion up to you. If my second guess is correct, please see below:

"Plus, if they [white people] are on this site, odds are that they've realized this fact [that they're highly privileged] already and are trying to escape it. It would be simply idiotic, if this was the case, for anyone to pour hate or discrimination onto them, seeing as they're actively trying to work towards an egalitarian vision that would in essence negate the very nature of their privilege in a new society. It would be like an AnCom hating Kropotkin for coming from a royal family. Such hate and discrimination, being by necessity of its existence on this site fanatic and illogical, would not require laws for a swift punishment (while indeed not official in its capacity) to be enacted."