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sudo wrote (edited )

Nothing about it appeals to me. I'm atheist, so I don't care about the religious part. I'm frugal, so I don't buy into the commercial part. I don't want to receive a bunch of gifts that other people think I want but I really don't (especially not gift cards), and I don't want to give someone a gift that I don't know they will like, for the same reason.

Kwanzaa sounds a lot more appealing, but I don't have any community members to celebrate it with.


NEOalquimista wrote

I like having a 30-day break from work near Christmas. I almost begin to feel the nice effects of not being a slave, such as brighter thoughts and enthusiasm.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


leftous wrote

It's alright to take the occasional mental break from the constant negative and critical mentality that comes from being "woke". The only way we'll be able to wake people up is if we're healthy and alive enough to do so.

So do take a break whenever you can, revel in the connections and conversations that make us human, since ultimately relating to people is how we'll achieve our goals. Have a Merry Christmas :)


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leftous wrote (edited )

I used quotes because I meant "woke" as a more succinct way of saying "aware of the ills of capitalism".

You don't need to like or participate in the commercial aspect. My point was just that we should occasionally take a break from focusing on negatives, and find ways to revel in something more positive. If you're just constantly being negative or further stressing/depressing yourself (reading upsetting news, criticism, etc.), you will have a tough time finding people who want to be around and listen to what you have to say.

That's just something I have personally come to terms with after losing touch with good people I could have influenced more had I taken better care of my mental health and relationships.


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amongstclouds wrote (edited )

It would make more sense to hate Christians and not Jesus.

Council of Nicea is a great example. Constantine, in 325, organized the council to establish "official" Christian canon and many writings were left out, including some which made the church and bishops power seemingly unimportant. Pretty convenient it would get left out.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


amongstclouds wrote

Oh, I wasn't actually blindly advocating hate. I've just been really interested in reading about the historical figure of Jesus and the evolution of the faith into the central hub of domination it has grown into over time.

If anything we should hate the institution of these teachings more than anything.


zorblax wrote

I like the food and the fact that such food is not easily available at other times of year, so I don't die of diabetes.

I like getting luxuries that I would never buy for myself.

I like hanging out with my family in small doses.

I like not having to live with housemates that never clean.


Glenarchist wrote (edited )

Christian/ capitalist emotional blackmail and bribery. hate it. Wasting resources. Huge environmental damage. Mass exploitation of cocoa workers. Toxic cities making kids toys where children die young. Suicide nets in iphone factories. Huge numbers of dead homeless+ season suicides. Low paid, over worked employees. Huge piling up of debt that people spend the next year trying to pay back. All the travel pumping carbon into the air and screwing the environment even more. Finally, the horror that is all the blood and suffering that paves the way for our western excesses. FUCK CHRISTMAS/MoneyMass day.


emma wrote (edited )



鬼神 Kill Em All 1989

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hotcool wrote (edited )

I'm a Christian and this year has been the best Christmas in a long time for me. I haven't bought or received gifts this year (well, not many) but I have focused more on the life of Jesus. It's made a big difference for me.

Jesus is the reason for the season!


MrPotatoeHead wrote

Yes, because it gives people a time to take a break from their daily grind I personally don't give or accept gifts, and think the concept of year end commercialism is stupid. I also think the made-up Valentines Day is stupid also.