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I'm extremely proficient with every tool under the sun, and I'm just fucking sick of seeing new benches with the antihomless armrests. I'm very confident that I can figure out how to turn these abominations back into normal benches on my own, but Is there a guide/forum/body of work that I can refer to so I decrease my chances of getting caught?



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Lettuce wrote

It's just normal crime. it's a little complex to figure out how to get away with crime but once u figure it out it applies to everything.

I'd practice working on the benches that just require a hexkey. That would be easiest to practice getting good at criming. Then u can do cooler stuff later


AngleGrinderInthusiest OP wrote

any advice on how to learn to get away with crime (guides, etc)? I know the basics like wear gloves, wear a covid mask so I cant be ID'd with cameras, buy materials with cash, etc...


Lettuce wrote (edited )

It's pretty basic but there is just a kinda knowledge u just get by understanding. But for just what ur talking about no one is going to investigate to hard so that knowledge is fine.

All u need to learn is figure out a way to avoid police patrol. Like how to getaway and how to finish quickly.

But yeah that's about it. For spicerier stuff u gotta have emore criming knowledge but that's something u kinda just learn and can't be explained in a guide. But yeah think a little bit about getting there and leaving and not being spotted by patrol cars and ur good to go.

Stuff like this is pretty easy and investigators don't try very hard / have many resources so it's very tolerant of mistakes. So u certainly have the knowledge to go do it anytime u choose.

My recomendatiob is the biggest problem if getting in her head. Don't think to hard. Just go out and do it. And I U'll be fine.


yaspora wrote

Lettuce covered basics, but if you're concerned about specific things check if has relevant material.


EAN_BAW wrote

Doubling down on what someone else said; the biggest block is in the head. Nothing says "I'm a troublemaker" like looking around nervously and not committing to the bit.

If you really want a measure of camouflage, the oldest trick in the book is a high visibility vest and a clipboard. Walk up with one like you're on a mission, get out the proper tools, and simply remove the parts. If someone asks you, give them a short, ambiguous answer. "Got orders" or something like that. Most people accept authority.

If possible wear gloves and dispose of the parts somewhere that they're unlikely to find or trace back to you. Or find a way to melt them and turn them into something useful.


EmberGrove wrote

hey atleast they have benches. in the city I am in they removed almost all benches at bus stops. you still can see where they used to be but yeah I think what your trying to do is great! :3


NamiFromOnePiece wrote

That's some next level evil shit... Making things worse for everyone, just to fuck over homeless people...