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NEOalquimista wrote

When searching solutions for GNU/Linux stuff, many search results point to Reddit, but I never intentionally go there and browse stuff. In fact, I've been using Raddle for longer than Reddit at this point.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Never felt comfortable registering, I still read it as part of generally spending too much time online due to probably extraordinary life circumstances.


jadedctrl wrote

I basically just use it for /r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns, top memes. I like the constant flood, you know?
It's also nice to gently nudge a thread left/get into a full-fledged argument with liberals.


ziq wrote

I have an account with no posts just to keep r/raddle from falling into enemy hands.


richhomieram wrote

I literally made my raddle account today... so


Daddybatko wrote

all the time on r/anarchism. there's just more people there. it's okay raddle, i still love you.


sudo wrote

I only lurk on a few radical left subreddits now. Never had an account, and I never will, due to reddit selling out their users to Microsoft &c.


leftous wrote

As of today, I only use it to recommend people to join here


bread wrote

Pretty much all the time, ngl.


disfalo wrote

I have never used Reddit.


zorblax wrote

C@, academic subreddits, and a few band subreddits.


PositiveFreedom wrote

I use it for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online subreddit. That's about it.


thespiritofantigone wrote

Still only really use reddit for now.

The layout here makes me a bit uncomfortable, whereas on reddit i love it.

Also the discussion is a bit dull and forced here, people don't really just come together to interact socially, but because they wanna interact in the right places. It's a bit like the shitty pub where all the self-proclaimed cool kids go.

However, I like its existence very much and will be mainly active here when reddit stops being an option. And sometimes I just like to drop by in a universe where my world view isn't being opposed by the majority, which feels comforting.