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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

From some articles in f/gentrification -

Article 1: 3 Signs That Gentrification Is Inevitably Coming to Your Neighborhood

  1. Shifts in demographics: 'White people jogging was the first sign.'

  2. Shifts in infrastructure: 'Government housing began to disappear.'

  3. Shifts in safety measures: 'Police make areas safer for suburbanites.'

Article 2: The White People Are Coming! 6 Signs Your Neighborhood Is Being Gentrified

  1. Watch What You Eat - The changing food landscape is the easiest way to tell

  2. You’ll Get a Rent Notice - If you get a little slip on your door notifying you of a 30 percent rent increase

  3. Black-Owned Businesses Will Disappear

  4. Bad Schools Get Worse

  5. An Increase in Police

  6. Wypipo Shit - The last step in recognizing Caucasian colonization is the rise in what is referred to in black America as “wypipo shit.” If a basketball court is replaced by a dog park, that’s wypipo shit.

Edit: Also, this article is pretty useful for understanding some of the basic mechanics common to a lot of gentrification.


Lenny wrote (edited )

Once the cops move in with regular patrols, it's already too late to reverse it.